Born and raised in Antigua and Barbuda.

He works out of Antigua, Takamatsu (Japan) and Miami. GuavaDeArtist is a Self-taught artist that uses

various materials (canvas, wood, vinyl, metal, acrylic paint, etc) to create art pieces on apparel, footwear, walls and canvases.

GuavaDeArtist's unique style which he coined "GUAVARIZED" came about from years of self-taught experiences gained worldwide.

He is an Artist who keeps pushing himself to become the best artist he can be, he keeps teaching himself more and new techniques which he then uses on his art.

When it comes to creativity he knows no boundaries. When faced with new challenges (art related ) he does his best when executing the piece.

GuavaDeArtist has done art for clients in Antigua and Barbuda as well for clients of the international community. His works have been shown and seen in Miami, Takamatsu city (Japan) and Antigua and Barbuda.

Art lovers from Europe also adores and appreciate Guava's works which they usually collect from selected stores (306 Antigua and Little Starfish *Turners Beach* ) and online


Instagram @guavadeartistofficial

twitter @guavadeartist

Anais Camacho