DJ Set | Sat. 12/9 4pm-8pm & Sun 12/10 8pm-close


“I’m just a guy that make beats and dj”, the humble sentence that is his instagram bio, but reveals so much more. strykerSPEAK is a DJ x Producer from Philadelphia, PA. Born Maurice Bass, strykerSPEAK has been obsessed with music since he can remember. One day he went into a library and decided to dedicate his life to mastering his craft. To this day his mentor Don Cannon a well known DJ and Producer from Philly has guided him along his musical journey.

strykerSPEAK brings a unique quality to the music he produces. Infusing elements of dub step, hip hop, and R&B together,  just to name a few. The same qualities can be seen in his DJ sets as each one is a production in itself. He appeals to everyone from those in college, streets, down to the urban hipster. As a lover of art, strykerSPEAK has been involved heavily in the urban art scene in Philadelphia. He’s done the audio for countless art shows such as ‘Black Light District 1 and 2’ and ‘Naked and Exposed’ by the talented artist and his best friend, Iris “ThesePinkLips” Bonner as well as Patricia Field for he Art Basel scene in 2016, just to name a few. His latest event was his first original masterpiece, ‘Blank Canvas - Finally strykerSPEAK’s’. Blank Canvas showcased music produced by strykerSPEAK himself as well live painting, live percussion, performances, and life sized photographs. The idea that every thing starts as a blank canvas and adds different elements and personal touches to create a masterpiece was the central driving force behind its concept.

What does strykerSPEAK mean? The first part came from his favorite character in the Mortal Kombat series,  Stryker. The second half comes from strykerSPEAK himself. Growing up strykerSPEAK was a very shy child at times and was never the one to to speak. He has since then become a very prominent to his core fan based, whileletting his music speak for him. He’s not just a DJ and producer, he’s a speaker. A speaker of music. Everything he creates is a reflection of him, and anyone that listens to his tracks and mixes can hear him SPEAK!

Until you can see the masterpiece unfold in person, you can find him posting his favorite foods, drinks, and adventures on instagram and twitter @strykerSPEAK. launches this summer.

For all booking inquiries, contact him at

instagram: @strykerSPEAK
twitter: @strykerSPEAK
souncloud: @strykerSPEAK

strykerSPEAK’S Music Visual “VISION”

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