Dexter Holmes Installation

I make art from real life. I create paintings derived from my surroundings and the world in which I live. Mass consumption and repetition is pivotal in understanding my mind and the process which results in these pictures. Scope and scale is intentional to emotionally impact the viewer, comprised of non objective imagery, color and design principles are used to create a dialogue between the viewer and my pictures. My work is composed of oil on canvas. The major factor influencing me to create art has been my family, in particular my Father. I’ve had many great mentors, however the most notable is the James Bohary of The New York Studio School. I am also influenced by industrial design, modern art as well as street art and asian art with the emphasis on asymmetrical design. The objective of my art is to provoke emotion.

Social Media : @dexterholmescontemporary

Anais Camacho