LOVE LISS ART Installation

Lissette Diaz is a self taught artist that has been creating art since the day she learned how to pick up a pencil. The artist has a passion for all things creative. She was born in New Jersey and raised in Tampa, Florida. Growing up in the 90s, with an early love for hip-hop, pop culture, music, and movies have inspired her work. Her paintings are representative of the reality she sees around herself and experiences she’s been through. She really enjoys combining the use of words and images in an unexpected way, in order to create a smart, colorful, bold statement. As an artist Lissette works with acrylic on canvas as well as mixed media, adding glitter to her paintings. She has created multiple murals around the Tampa Bay area that have been featured in South Tampa Magazine. Her style varies from contemporary pop art to fine art. She creates portraits into whimsical pieces. She has shown in galleries including Loud Gallery and CityArts Factory. What makes her unique? She puts an unconventional twist on iconic figures and images. Her paintings are statement pieces that are the perfect conversation starters.


Anais Camacho