WAX Installation

WAX: Wonder, Actuality, and the Extinct.

First Wax Tree is both a metaphor and a brand that encompasses this expression holistically.  Wonder: what we know of life; Actuality: how life is (duality of nature and energy); the Extinct: death is the only part of life that is guaranteed. 

I seek to study and expose the stigmas of environmental efficiency, mental illness, and social institutions through artistic expressions. My purpose: to empower the individual and promote the efficiency of a culture that works together; to emphasize the power of collaborating with the earth and create a timeless trend of environmentally conscious products; to express my philosophical understanding of efficiency regarding the earth, energy, and existence through studies of biology, physics, psychology, technology, and art. 

This being said, Jessi Harris is a 23 year old ex-philosophy student and bartender (located in West Palm Beach, FL) with a passion for both the arts and social improvement.  Her paintings are a method by which she can dive into the deeper questions she has towards existence and translate her inner thoughts into visual representations of her perspective towards the world.  Charcoal and acrylic paints are her most common weapons of choice and she is currently in the process of creating her first large scale and interactive installation from recycled plastic bags. 


Instagram @first_wax_tree 

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