Sophia Dawnson Installation

Sophia Dawson, 30, is a Brooklyn based visual artist who has dedicated her life’s work to exposing the stories and experiences of individuals who are striving to overcome the injustices they face both individually and collectively.  By raising awareness of these individuals she aims to humanize social justice issues and to prevent such experiences from being repeated in the future.  She holds a bachelors degree in fine arts from the School of Visual Arts and a masters degree in visual arts administration from New York University.  Her work has recently been exhibited in Rush Arts Gallery and the Bronx Museum for the Arts.  She is currently a participant of the Whitney Museum's Independent Studio program.  Some of the subjects of her work include mothers who have lost their children to police brutality both past and present, the Central Park 5, and political prisoners from the Black Liberation movement that are still incarcerated within the United States.

CORRESPONDENCE is a selection of new and past works created as part of Sophia Dawson’s To Be Free project. Through portraiture, Dawson’s the To Be Free project explores the stories of the 20+ remaining US held political prisoners who were jailed for their activism in the black liberation movements of the 1960s and 1970s. The project utilizes art to call attention to their continued imprisonment and to advocate for their freedom.

Anais Camacho